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Huntmaster Hunting Blind

Benny Parsons

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  • Wheel chair accessible hunting blind that can go quietly from ground level to an elevated position of 21 feet

  • Features:

    • 6’ X 5.5’ compartment

    • Failsafe hydraulic system powered by a 12V deep cycle battery

    • Fteel beam outriggers

    • Adjustable stabilizers

    • Huntmaster can be towed by almost any vehicle with a standard trailer hitch

Benny Parsons.JPG
  • The Benny Parsons 1973 Chevelle Laguna won the 1973 NASCAR Winston Cup Championship

  • During the championship race, Benny had an accident on the 13th lap and the car was believed to be unserviceable.

  • After an hour and a half, the car was repaired and Benny returned to the race - 50 laps down

  • An extensive restoration undertaken by Tex Powell and Terry Crews [CEO of Growler Manufacturing and Engineering] returned the 1973 Chevelle to pre-race condition

  • The car was reassembled in Growler’s Ether Facility then placed on display at the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, NC


Manufacturing & Engineering

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