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about us

Growler focuses on the design and manufacturing of new special purpose vehicles


  • Awarded a contract to produce over 600 Internally Transported Vehicles [ITVs], Light Attack Vehicles [LAVs]

  • New manufacturing facilities were purchased in
    Robbins, NC 


  • Growler expanded into Star, NC. with core focus being the manufacturing of military vehicles, trailers, and equipment


  • Purchase of our Media and Coatings Facility, a climate controlled industrial media facility

Currently Growler owns four facilities comprising over 134,000 square feet of production and warehousing space

  • Our Star Facility comprises 34,000 square feet with 30,000 square feet of production space, and two acres of improved and semi improved surfaces

  • Our Robbins facility comprises 50,000 square feet of production facility, 54 acres of improved and semi improved surfaces, with a 49 acre test track

  • Our Ether facility is our main media and coatings facility and comprises 34,000 square feet of production facility

  • The Biscoe facility is used for warehousing and overflow of production components

  • Production and warehousing facilities are located in a 15 miles radius


Manufacturing & Engineering

Call Us Now  910.428.4244
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